Strangely Singaporean


Notebook dimensions: 17 cm (h) x 11.5 cm (w). 64 blank pages.

Kena Arrow - Used in a sarcastic way to describe oneself or someone who got chosen/targeted to complete a task.

Huat Ah - Huat means 'To prosper'. A phrase commonly used to welcome prosperity.

Kiasu - Means 'afraid to lose out'. Commonly used to describe someone who is over competitive, one who takes extreme measures to accomplish his/her goals.

Ai Pia Jia Eh Yiah - Literally translate to 'In order to win, you have to work hard'. A phrase made popular by a Hokkien song.

Powderful - Power + Wonderful. A slang that was derived from a deliberate mispronunciation of powerful.

Buay Tahan - Means 'Can't stand it'. Used to describe someone who is annoyed, feeling intolerable and unbearable, either towards a person or situation.

Win Already - Used as a remark to describe someone who has surpassed everyone else in doing something.

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Type: Notebook

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