Connect Pendant (S)



It just like a separate entity, there is always an exchange called an invisible communication.

Please Do Not Overbend Jewelry
To prevent jewelry from losing shape please do not apply heavy loads or overbend.

Not Recommended Whilst Bathing
Prior to bathing, remove pendant to prevent corrosion due to the effects of water and humidity.

Not Recommended In Hot Springs
It is highly advisable to remove jewelry before entering hot spring water as it may cause long term damage.

Not For Children Younger Than 12
For safety, this product is not suitable for children younger than 12.

Not Recommended Whilst Swimming
Prior to swimming, remove jewelry to prevent corrosion.

Caring For Your Jewelry
Clean the jewelry with a non-abrasive soft cloth and then store in a dry and safe location.


Collections: Moorigin

Type: Necklace

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