JOAQUIM A6 Portrait Traveller's Notebook Sleeve


4-oz, natural full-grained vegetable-tanned, buffalo hide leather traveller's journal and notebook sleeve in A6 portrait format. The sleeve's leather strap-and-keeper design ensures decades of use without slackening or splitting.  The sleeve is fully and meticulously handcrafted by experienced craftsmen. 

Brogueing details are inspired by the traditional patterns of Scottish and Irish brogue shoemaking. The back of the cover bears the brogue medallion pattern of Singapore’s national flower - Vanda Miss Joaquim – which the collection is named after.  Natural leather grain pattern, unique to each hide, can be seen on the cover and will acquire a beautiful natural satin lustre over time.

Sleeve fits most brands of perfect-bound and saddle-stitched A6 soft-cover plain journals, notebooks and sketchbooks including Midori, Muji, Grandluxe, Overjoyed and TRC.

Sleeve includes a notebook.  

Dimensions:  12 cm (width) x 16.5 cm (depth) x 2 cm (height)

Collections: Arkademie

Type: Notebook Sleeve

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