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The word calligraphy derived from the Greek words “kallos” (pretty) and “graphien” (carve, engrave, write) bears two important aspects: the recording of a text in a pretty and expressive manner. Kaweco provides two CALLIGRAPHY Sets. The big set contains a calligraphy fountain pen with a 1.1 mm nib and three additional mouthpieces with 1.5, 1.9 and 2.3 mm nibs. Furthermore the set comes with three protective caps for the mouthpieces and two packs of Kaweco ink cartridges. The small set contains a 1.5 and a 2.3mm nib, one protective cap and one pack of Kaweco ink cartridges. The Kaweco calligraphy fountain pens can be bought as single items as well. This little boxed calligraphy set will make a great gift for the aspiring calligrapher or artist. The tin gift box includes one popular black body Kaweco Classic Sport fountain pen with two italic nib units (1.5 mm and 2.3 mm). The set also has one protective cap for the extra nib and one pack of six Kaweco Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges in black ink (five come in the box, one comes stored in the pen). A pamphlet and Kaweco sticker also come with the set. A variety of different color ink cartridge refills are available separately to make your words a beautiful and colorful piece of art. Kaweco pens, established since 1883 in Heidelberg Germany, started out as a specialist in wooden dip pens and today are renowned for their iconic pocket fountain pens. The Sport was designed for ladies, officers and sportsmen as a “carry anywhere pen”. Its unique hexagonal appearance is much loved, the design remaining unchanged since 1911.

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