ATMOS Vacuum Pack


Atmos is the most comprehensive, versatile and quietest all-rounded handy inflation, vacuum and compression device on the market.

Save twice your time and double your space! 
Atmos will compress a vacuum bag full of clothes and double your packing capacity in just over 4-5 minutes. Always pack smarter and faster with Atmos! It definitely helps to save time when packing, save space in your suitcase/backpack/bags when traveling, and even work well for home storage by saving up to 4x more space in your closet. Use Atmos and vacuum bags to increase space-saving mobility that can improve the quality of life.

Atmos can inflate flat sport balls
With Atmos, getting some air into the balls to increase the air pressure is so convenient, fast and easy! You will no longer have to cancel your plans of kicking around the football or starting a football game in the park. Just make sure you always have an Atmos in your sport bag or pocket! 

Collections: Kickstarter

Type: Travel Bag


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